Lasagna Verde of Bologna

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Handmade Lasagne

Nick's handmade pasta sheets layered with cheese and his homemade bolognese sauce. Inspired from the Italian city Bologna and their traditional cuisine; this lasagna is generously layered with our house-made bolognese and bechamel sauce and kept together with our very own fresh green spinach pasta sheets .You will not get dry lasagne! All of the pasta making work has been done for you. All handmade and made with love. Cannot compare to store bought.

Serving suggestion: 

Serves 4-6 (large tray) // 2.3kg*

Cooking Instructions:

Preheat oven at 180 degrees. Cook

THAWED LASAGNA for 40-45mins (lid on) then a further 5-10mins (lid off). Allow to rest before cutting & serving. IF COOKING FROM FROZEN - PLEASE ALLOW FOR DOUBLE THE COOKING TIME.

Storage Instructions: Keep FROZEN. Store at or below -18 degrees.

*Can replace lid with foil

*If lasagne is still wet/watery. COOK FOR LONGER. All ovens are different, cooking instructions are a guide