Nick's Story

EST. 2020

As a little boy I never ate pasta and gnocchi unless it was homemade. Bought pasta I would always refuse to eat. Years passed and I lost my Nonna and Nonno due to Cancer only 4 months apart. My heritage means a lot to me. I knew that traditions would be lost if I didn't somehow learn them, such as the art of pasta making. So I begun.

I learnt how to make gnocchi from a couple of my Nonna's sisters and sister in-law. It took me months to perfect. I then went on a trip to Italy. Where I was fortunate enough to do a pasta making tutorial one-on-one with the 'Queen of Pasta in Bologna' at her small but popular pasta shop "Le Sfoglie".

From there I came back home to Melbourne. I begun making pastas for my family. They were pretty good! So I kept experimenting, and working out the best way to package and store the products. In early January my brother and I raised $1000 for the East Gippsland Bushfire Appeal via our gnocchi fundraiser. That's where my pasta making story really begins! People came back asking me for more, if I was a chef... So these people became my customers. Slowly, slowly I have continued to grow.

I can say that my gnocchi may be the most affordable and best in terms of quality and taste that you may ever eat. Cooked by you, in your own home. Handmade is the best made.

I now offer many products and a variety of pastas and sauces. I have been fortunate enough in the space of a year to have invested in my very own delivery van - and bigger pasta equipment. I have also taken part in fundraisers, markets and other events that support the local community.

My journey continues to grow, and I invite you to be apart of it.